• Avichai Kremer

    Avichai Kremer was 29-years-old when he was diagnosed with ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis — commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a degenerative condition in which muscles gradually atrophy, ultimately leading to complete paralysis. After living with the disease for ten years, Kremer is unable to move his arms and legs, or to speak. 

    This did not stop Avichai from graduating from the Harvard Business School MBA program.
    In 2006, together with a group of Harvard Business School students, Avichai founded Prize4Life - a results-oriented nonprofit organization to accelerate ALS research, by offering monetary incentives to scientists who are working towards an effective treatment for ALS. 

    We are proud to say that for the past year Kremer has used Click2Speak’s online keyboard in order to communicate and use his PC. Avichai found our solution to be highly accurate, fast, and productive: “Click2Speak’s virtual keyboard helps me tremendously in my daily tasks. I have had experience with other solutions in the past, but this one is far superior. It allows me to achieve more with my time”. Avichai found that while using Click2Speak he types approximately 20% faster, and more accurately: "Swiftkey's prediction engine, language support, and features like flow are a great part of why I prefer using Click2Speak as my PC mean of communication. I use it to write emails, post on Facebook, surf the web, etc. "I have to add, that to think that this great software was developed by a person who also suffers from ALS, using only his eyes to write the code, is inspiring".

    We are happy that Avichai found our solution to be of great help in his daily tasks, and we hope to come up with new versions and solutions to help even more.

    You can read more about Avichai's nonprofit organization at http://www.prize4life.org