• Who could benefit from using Click2Speak’s on-screen keyboard?
    The keyboard is designed for people who have a disability that limits the use of their hands, preventing them from utilizing a regular keyboard or remote control. This could include conditions like: ALS (Motor Neuron Disease), Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis , Spinal Cord Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, and a variety of other progressive neuromuscular disorders.
    However, anyone with difficulties using a keyboard can benefit from our software. If you are not sure whether it would work for your circumstance, we recommend that you give it a try. In addition feel free contact us and we'd be happy to assist – info@click2speak.net

    Why is Click2Speak better than other on-screen keyboards?
    Click2Speak is easy to use and allows full PC access. It is the fastest and most convenient keyboard available; we use the award winning Swiftkey prediction engine thus reducing the margin of error and accelerating speed of typing. Our founder and head developer, Gal, suffers from ALS and he develops features based on his own experience and needs. In addition, we support a large array of languages – both for the letter layout and the words prediction engine. We offer a great low cost solution, especially combined with new 3rd party pointing devices such as novel low cost eye gaze cameras. We also have a feature that allows you to control electronics like the TV or your Set Top Box from your PC/Tablet. We have many more features… and many more to come.

    You can try of for free! We would love to get your feedback.

    Which operating systems does Click2Speak support?
    Currently you can use Clic2Speak on Windows 7 and 8, both on PC and Tablet.
    Windows XP and Macintosh versions will be available at a later stage.

    Which mouse replacements can be used with Click2Speak?
    Any device that you plug into your PC and use to control the cursor on screen may be used (with some devices you will need to enable a 'Mouse Emulation' feature).
    There are various pointing devices that work with Click2Speak: regular mouse, head movement tracker, eye gaze tracker, special mouse such as trackball/joystick/Gyro, and even touch screen.

    Which eye tracking cameras does Click2Speak support?
    Various Tobii camers like the Tobii Rex, Tobii X2-30 (not the X2-60), Tobii PCEyeGo (with firmware 1.1.5 or later), and The Eye Tribe. a few tips to consider when using eye tracking cameras while wearing glasses: no multifocal, use updated prescription , position around 60 centimeter distance from the PC/Tablet screen, size of lens should cover the whole eye, non reflective.

    Which languages does Click2Speak support?
    We add languages on regular basis; we try to cater to every language that is supported by Swiftkey. Here is a link to the language list on their website - https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/articles/201598431-What-languages-are-currently-supported-for-SwiftKey-on-Android-

    Do you support Scanning method to control the PC?
    Currently we do not, but we are working on it :-)

    What is the 'remote control’ panel and how do I use it?
    This is where you can control your surrounding electronics from your PC. We currently have tabs with remote buttons for TV, Set Top Box and Media streamer, but will soon add controls for AC and projector. In the near future we will add a feature to allow you to control anything with infra-red capability, whether it’s your lights or windows blinds or whatever… all at low cost.
    At present, in order to work with our remote panel, you will need a 3rd party device that sends and receives infrared signals. Currently you will need to purchase the following IR emitter (30$-60$) - http://www.usbuirt.com

    After you purchase this small device, and connect it to your PC/Tablet USB port– you need to 'teach’ your panel buttons what each of the controls does. We will load a video demonstrating this ASAP.
    For now, just remember that when in 'teach mode’ - place the remote 2-5 inch from the emitter, press the desired key on the keyboard you want to bind to the remote key, then press and HOLD until a green V is displayed. Test each key you bind. Some remotes use short bursts so if the key doesn't work, repeat the process and press normally on the remote (don't hold).

    How can I contact you?
    Email us at info@click2speak.net